Find out how the elite are playing! Korean Master/Challenger only!

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Legal Info

Where do we receive our data from?

Exclusively all data is fetched from the Riot API

How are the builds calculated

First we search the match history of all challenger and master summoners in korea.
This data is aggregated in our database and certain values (like on which patch they where played) are added.
Then we iterate though every champion there is and check the match data we have.
Most bought (first, second,...) items, masteries, ec. are then being calculated and stored so that the web application can access them when the page is loaded by a user.

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Why are some champions grey?

Champions where less then 6 matches for a specific summoner are available will be greyed out, since with such low amount of data no build paths can be calculated reliably.

How often is the data updated?

We search for new matches every 10 minutes, the champion stats are beeing updated once every hour for the current patch. Also two times a day the list of challenger and master players gets refreshed.

I have feedback or found a bug!

We are very happy to receive feedback or bug reports, please mail them to

Do you have any other websites

Currently KoreanBuilds is our only Gaming related site, but we have a Chat Discovery App on Kik, just search for Pinkstar on Kik Browser.

How was the site developed

The Web Application was developed with the javabased Play Framework and the crawler is written in Nodejs.